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ACGGP (Asociación Colombiana de Geólogos y Geofísicos del Petroleo)

The ACGGP is a non-profit organization whose objectives are to promote interaction among professionals who are personally, technically and socially involved in the Earth Sciences, as well as to promote the exchange of technical knowledge related to the oil industry and the exploration and exploration of hydrocarbons. Over the past few years EAGE has strengthened its relationship with the ACGGP, sharing knowledge and experience during annual meetings. In the spring of 2011, EAGE visited Latin America to further develop the relationship with ACGGP, which resulted in an agreement to publish ACGGP\'s papers on EarthDoc, and to collaborate on the first jointly organized Geoscience Workshop in Colombia planned in 2012. The ACGGP papers are accessible for both EAGE and ACGGP members.

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