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Journal name: Near Surface Geophysics
Issue: Vol 17, No 6, December 2019
Language: English
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The Special Issue of Near Surface Geophysics titled “Recent Developments in Induced Polarization” comes as a result of the 5th International Workshop on Induced Polarization held at Rutgers University - Newark (October 2018, Newark-NJ, USA). In 1920, Conrad Schlumberger published the first book on Geoelectrical Prospection “E´ tude sur la prospection ´electrique du sous-sol,” where the Induced Polarization phenomenon was first reported. Since then the IP method has been under intensive use by geophysicists, especially for mining exploration. In the recent years, research on induced polarization (IP) method has led to significant developments in the field, from hardware to data processing and inversion, and to the development of quantitative models towards petrophysical implementation. IP research has successfully established the utility and advantages the method has to offer. Its current applications have gone beyond traditional mining exploration with increasing use in environmental and hydrogeophysical projects. Novel uses include hydrocarbon remediation characterization and monitoring, estimation of hydraulic parameters and studies of trees and root systems.

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