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Coherency Processing as a High Resolution Tool for Seismic and Sub-Seismic Deformation Analysis in Sedimentary BasinsNormal access

Authors: H. Trappe, H. Endres, R. Samiee, T. Lohr, C.M. Krawczyk, D.C. Tanner, O. Oncken and P.A. Kukla
Event name: 67th EAGE Conference & Exhibition
Session: Seismic Interpretation
Publication date: 13 June 2005
Organisations: SPE, EAGE
Language: English
Info: Extended abstract, PDF ( 576.59Kb )
Price: € 20

Z-99 Coherency processing as a high resolution tool for seismic and sub-seismic deformation analysis in sedimentary basins F040 Abstract 1 H. ENDRES 1 3 R. SAMIEE 1 T. LOHR 2 C. M. KRAWCZYK 2 D. C. TANNER 3 H. TRAPPE 1 O. ONCKEN 2 A case study underlining the role of coherency processing in comprehensive basin studies is presented for the North German Basin. The analysis of seismic and sub-seismic deformation in this basin requires a very detailed fault detection in order to bridge the information gap between seismic data and well data. In order to increase the fault resolution

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