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Imaging of Complex Structures of Salt Flank Using Converted Waves on 3-C VSP DataNormal access

Authors: Y. Li, K. Stewart and D. Wang
Event name: 67th EAGE Conference & Exhibition
Session: Wellbore Data Acquisition and Interpretation
Publication date: 13 June 2005
Organisations: SPE, EAGE
Language: English
Info: Extended abstract, PDF ( 6.31Mb )
Price: € 20

I020 Imaging of Complex Structures of Salt Flank using Converted Waves on 3-C VSP Data Abstract 1 This paper presents a case study of a multifarious multi-component VSP survey in GOM using converted waves. The separated PP and PS reflections of the VSP data were migrated using a Vector 3C3D migration to image both the salt face and nearby sediment reflectors. The Vp/Vs ratio is estimated by matching dips of imaged reflectors with the structure dips. Both transmitted P-P and P-S converted waves were used to define the salt-interface by calculating salt exit points. Results from the multifarious VSP methods

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