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Displacement of High-Viscosity Oil Using MicroorganismsNormal access

Authors: L.I. Svarovskaya, L.K. Altunina and V.S. Ovsyannikova
Event name: IOR 2005 - 13th European Symposium on Improved Oil Recovery
Session: Emerging Technologies for Hydrocarbon Recovery
Publication date: 25 April 2005
Organisations: EAGE
Language: English
Info: Extended abstract, PDF ( 174.63Kb )
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C26 DISPLACEMENT OF HIGH-VISCOSITY OIL USING MICROORGANISMS Abstract 1 A complex method for enhanced oil recovery has been developed at the Institute of Petroleum Chemistry. This is a combination of physical chemical and microbiological techniques aimed at enhancing the efficiency of oil displacement from high-viscosity oil reservoirs employing multicomponent oil displacement systems with high detergent properties. The oil displacement systems used comprise hydrolyzed carbamide solution that is readily assimilated by microorganisms which enhances the geochemical processes involved in the microbial activity and brings about metabolism product accumulation and hence an improvement in the rheological properties of the oil. In view

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