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Structures Growing And Decollement Level Role In The Sub Andean Zone Of Bolivia. Caipipendi Block.Normal access

Authors: I. Moretti, J. Letouzey, A. Otero and J.C. Calvo
Event name: 9th Simposio Bolivariano - Exploracion Petrolera en las Cuencas Subandinas
Session: Tectonics and Trapping of Hydrocarbons
Publication date: 24 September 2006
Organisations: ACGGP
Language: English
Info: Extended abstract, PDF ( 1.51Mb )
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The Sub Andean Zone of Bolivia is a very prolific exploration zone. During the last ten years, the
exploration targets have changed. Numerous oil fields have been discovered in the years 70-90 in the
Carboniferous and upper Devonian in the foreland and easternmost emerging anticlines but the exploration get
now more active westward with deepest targets in the lower Devonian. The existence of this petroleum system
was proven since the discovery of the San Alberto field (San Alberto-X9 in 1990), but the deep prospects in the
south SAZ are much targeted only from 10 years. In addition on the cost of the deep wells, moving westward
also means steeper anticlines and poor resolution of the seismic images. For the geologists however, the more
challenging issues come from the fact that the target is now below an important decollement level, the middle
Devonian shale of the Los Monos Fm.

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