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Compatibility of EM and IP surveysNormal access

Author: D. Vogelsang
Journal name: Geophysical Prospecting
Issue: Vol 22, No 4, December 1974 pp. 781 - 791
DOI: 10.1111/j.1365-2478.1974.tb00118.x
Organisations: Wiley
Language: English
Info: Article, PDF ( 608.33Kb )

Methods and typical case histories of EM and IP surveys are compared in order to check their compatibility for the investigation of large areas for base metal sulphides. It is demonstrated that the fast, low cost EM may miss sulphide concentrations which cause no reduction of apparent resistivity, or which act like horizontal slabs, where EM anomalies occur marginally. In such cases only IP can recognize the whole extent of the mineralization. The misleading role of graphite exists for both methods.

The conclusion is that EM remains the only economical method to survey whole ore districts, but that the shortcomings should always be taken into account in the interpretation. They can be overcome by employing geological, geochemical or other geophysical indicators in selecting promising targets for follow-up IP. Even if less than 20% of the area is covered by the expensive IP, there is a fair chance that all sulphide bearing rocks will be found. Therefore, the question is not whether to apply EM or IP methods, but how to combine them best.

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