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Modelling the 2D terrain effect on MT by the boundary-element method Normal access

Authors: Shi-zhe Xu and Hui Zhou
Journal name: Geophysical Prospecting
Issue: Vol 45, No 6, November 1997 pp. 931 - 943
DOI: 10.1046/j.1365-2478.1997.610301.x
Organisations: Wiley
Language: English
Info: Article, PDF ( 770.43Kb )

The boundary-element method is used to model the 2D terrain effect on the magnetotelluric (MT) field. Firstly, the boundary-value problem of a 2D magnetotelluric field is transformed into an integral equation problem by using Green's theorem. Then the boundary-element method is used to solve the integral equation and to obtain the MT field and its normal derivative on the terrain. From these values, the apparent resistivity can be calculated.

 Compared with the finite-element method, the boundary-element method is simpler in element division and the initial data preparation. The configuration of a terrain divided by the boundary-element method is more consistent with the practical terrain. The method proposed in this paper can be run on a microcomputer, so that it can be used in the field.

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