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An Integrated Evaluation of Successful Acid Fracturing Treatment in a Deep Carbonate Reservoir Having High Asphaltene Content in Burgan Field, KuwaitNormal access

Authors: Q. Dashti, M. Kabir, R. Vagesna, F. Al-Ruhaimani and H. Liu
Event name: IPTC 2007: International Petroleum Technology Conference
Session: A Changing World - Interdependence, Innovation and Implementation
Publication date: 04 December 2007
Organisations: EAGE
Language: English
Info: Extended abstract, PDF ( 512.8Kb )
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This paper presents the process of candidate well selection,
design, execution and evaluation that lead to the successful
implementation of acid fracturing treatment in Marrat field.
The acid fracturing treatment is quite challenging due to
presence of high pressure/high temperature and high
asphaltene content in the crude oil which renders the situation
even more difficult because of fluid incompatibility issues.
The formation tends to produce oil with asphaltene content
when the flowing bottomhole pressure is drawn below the
Asphalting Onset Pressure (AOP). An engineering solution
was urgently needed to enhance the productivity of wells and
to mitigate the aspheltene deposition issue by allowing the
wells to produce above the AOP. The option of acid fracturing
was evaluated and found to be feasible to alleviate the

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