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Drainage Network Response to Geological Structures: A Case Study of Joya Mair Oil Field (Pakistan)Normal access

Authors: F. Shahzad, S.A. Mahmmod and R. Gloaguen
Event name: IPTC 2008: International Petroleum Technology Conference
Session: Meeting the Energy Needs of a Growing World Economy
Publication date: 03 December 2008
Organisations: EAGE
Language: English
Info: Extended abstract, PDF ( 29.07Kb )
Price: € 20

The Joya Mair Oilfield is part of the folded and imbricated Himalayan thrust sheet in Pakistan. Its drainage networks with
transverse streams intersect different geological structures at their highest structural position. This dynamic interaction can be
studied by their mutual superposition and different quantitative behaviours. We use drainage network extracted from Shuttle
Radar Topographic Mission (SRTM 90 m) digital elevation data. We use digital image processing techniques on SRTM data
and already published maps to prepare lineaments database of the area. The stream power law under steady state condition can
be used to calculate incision rates.

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