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Comprehensive Geomechanics Study Helps Mitigate Severe Stuck Pipe Problems in Development Drilling in Bohai Bay, ChinaNormal access

Authors: Z. Mingxin, T. Xinguo, W. Bailin, C. Tan, Y. Shiduo and W. Shunchang
Event name: IPTC 2009: International Petroleum Technology Conference
Session: World Energy Challenges: Endurance and Commitment
Publication date: 07 December 2009
Organisations: EAGE
Language: English
Info: Extended abstract, PDF ( 850.79Kb )
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Guan Jia Pu Oil Field is located in the western part of Bohai Bay, China. The field was developed with high angle and
horizontal wells drilled from an artificial island. The development drilling had experienced severe stuck pipe problems in a
short period, which resulted in hole collapse, equipment being left in hole and sidetracking. This paper presents a
comprehensive geomechanics study with the aim of identifying the root cause of the stuck pipe problem and developing
mitigating measures for future drilling.

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