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What do students do? Training, research and learning: developing skills for the next generation of near-surface geophysicistsNormal access

Authors: N.J. Cassidy and J.K. Pringle
Journal name: Near Surface Geophysics
Issue: Vol 8, No 6, December 2010 pp. 445 - 450
DOI: 10.3997/1873-0604.2010060
Special topic: Student-based Research
Language: English
Info: Article, PDF ( 458.37Kb )
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In the past decade, degree programmes throughout Europe have changed dramatically and near-surface geophysics is now commonly taught as a minor component of other undergraduate geoscience and related degree programmes. As a consequence, there has been a distinct change in the nature, scope and content of geophysical degrees and the skills set that graduates obtain throughout their studies. As an introduction to the Special Issue on Student-based Research, this commentary article discusses the expectations of employers, the competencies and skills of our undergraduate and postgraduate students and how these have changed over time. We highlight skill gaps and suggest ways in which the near-surface geophysical community can address these needs in a pragmatic and cost efficient manner. We hope to illustrate that a greater collaboration between industry and academia is the way forward and that innovative, cross-sector approaches to student learning and research are the solution to at least some of our problems.

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