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Development of Cloud Computing Software for LWD Measurements and GeosteeringGold Open Access

Authors: A.R. Dudaev, A.Y. Sobolev and V.N. Glinskikh
Event name: Geomodel 2017
Session: Геомеханика, физика горных пород и сопровождение бурения горизонтальных скважин
Publication date: 11 September 2017
DOI: 10.3997/2214-4609.201702233
Organisations: EAGE
Language: Russian
Info: Abstract, PDF ( 1.11Mb )

We have developed a prototype of cloud computing software for logging-while-drilling and geosteering. For the first time ever, during the development of software for addressing the problems of petroleum geophysics, we apply software solutions based on state-of-the-art IT-technologies in the field of cloud computing, namely, cross-platform scalable distributed computing. We have created a client-server application written in JavaScript, which stores all user data in MongoDB. The application allows a user to send input data through message queues for processing by means of computing applications that run in a virtual environment. Processing results are displayed on a web page. We have tested the software under discussion on real practical data from the interval of a subhorizontal well from one of the Latitude Priob oil fields. When drilling highly deviated boreholes, an effective well targeting in the productive part of a reservoir is essential. Successful Russian experience of studying oil and gas wells is demonstrated by using the first Russian telemetry system for logging-while-drilling, intended for drilling wells with horizontal completions. At the present time, it is necessary to develop a multifunctional automated computer system for processing, visualization and interpretation of the data obtained with the complex under consideration.

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