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PP and PS Travel Time Reflection Anisotropic Tomography on a Case StudyNormal access

Authors: P. Berthet, Y. Le Stunff, P. Guillaume, J. Mispel and J.L. Boelle
Event name: 63rd EAGE Conference & Exhibition
Session: Converted Waves Imaging and Velocity (IS)
Publication date: 11 June 2001
Organisations: EAGE
Language: English
Info: Extended abstract, PDF ( 478.28Kb )
Price: € 20

N-03 PP AND PS TRAVEL TIME REFLECTION ANISOTROPIC TOMOGRAPHY ON A CASE STUDY P. BERTHET 1 Y. LE STUNFF 2 P. GUILLAUME 3 J. MISPEL 1 4 and J.L. BOELLE 1 Abstract 1 The 4C data obtained in the case of an Ocean Bottom Cable survey (OBC) provide information of P and S-wave propagation velocities through PP and PS reflections. The conventional assumption of seismic isotropy may cause mispositioning of PP and PS reflections in the depth domain when anisotropy is significant. The 3D pre-stack PP travel time reflection tomography algorithm presented by Le Stunff et al (2000) has been

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