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Inversão Quadrática De Dados De Avo Usando O Algoritmo De MarquardtNormal access

Authors: A.C.M. Mendes, J.S. Protázio, G. Garabito and D. Santos
Event name: II Simpósio Brasileiro de Geofísica
Session: Métodos Sísmicos
Publication date: 21 September 2006
Organisations: SBGf
Language: Portuguese
Info: Extended abstract, PDF ( 244.9Kb )

In this work it will be presented the Zoeppritz exact
equations and quadratic approximations for the Rpp and
Rsp amplitude coefficients. Sequencially, the Marquadt
inversion method is used to invert these parameters,
using the quadratic approximation previously obtained.
This work is an extension of a previous approach, where
it was noticed that in the case of Rpp reflections and
dissociated Rsp converted, only one parameter can be
estimated, while the combination of these two events
provides a good inversion estability, allowing an estimate
of at least two media parameters in consideration.

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