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Magnetic And Gpr Surveys Of A Former Munitions Foundry Site At The Denver Federal CenterNormal access

Authors: David L. Campbell, Shay Beanland, Jeffrey E. Lucius and Michael H. Powers
Event name: 13th EEGS Symposium on the Application of Geophysics to Engineering and Environmental Problems
Session: Ground-Penetrating Radar & Time Domain Electromagnetic - Underground
Publication date: 20 February 2000
Organisations: EEGS
Language: English
Info: Extended abstract, PDF ( 798.31Kb )

We made magnetometer and ground penetrating radar (GPR) surveys over part of
the foundation of a World War II-era foundry located on the Denver Federal Center. The
site-contains a number of highly magnetic source bodies, concrete foundation walls, and
underground openings, buried under a clay cap. The cap is several feet thick and has a
conductivity of about 35 mS/m, making the features underneath it a poor target for
conventional GPR. Indeed, the raw data look unlike typical GPR data, but rather show
reverberation (?) bands under sidewalks and other shallow buried sources. Using a
newly-written computer package, we made plan maps of the GPR response at different
time slices. The sliced GPR data did not outline buried foundry foundations, as we had
hoped it might. The resulting plan maps of the sliced data show sidewalks and other
blobby features, some of which correspond to magnetometer highs.

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