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Enviro-Core - A Dual-Tube Direct Push System For Rapid Site CharacterizationNormal access

Authors: Murray D. Einarson, Michael B. Casef, Donald L. Winglewich and Mary I. Morkin
Event name: 11th EEGS Symposium on the Application of Geophysics to Engineering and Environmental Problems
Session: Methods Emphasis: Developments In Direct Push Technologies
Publication date: 22 March 1998
Organisations: EEGS
Language: English
Info: Extended abstract, PDF ( 1.08Mb )

Enviro-Core® is a patented dual-tube or “cased” soil coring system that uses small-diameter
temporary drive casing to prevent the probe hole from collapsing between sampling runs. The
small-diameter drive casing and inner sample barrel are simultaneously pushed, pounded, or
vibrated into the ground. Soil cores are collected in liners inside the sample barrel. After being
advanced, the sample barrel is retrieved, while the drive casing is left in place to prevent the
borehole from collapsing. The drive casing ensures that subsequent samples are collected from the
targeted interval, rather than potentially contaminated slough from higher up in the probe hole. The
Enviro-Core system is most commonly used with portable sampling rigs that combine percussion
hammer and high-frequency vibration to advance the tool, although the system can be used with any
direct push (DP) sampling vehicle or conventional drilling rig. The design of the dual-tube
sampling system allows consultants to collect depth-discrete soil gas samples, groundwater samples,
and install small-diameter temporary or permanent monitoring wells. The system facilitates
retraction grouting, the most effective method of sealing DP probe holes.
The Enviro-Core® system was used during an accelerated environmental site investigation at
Alameda Naval Air Station in Alameda, California. The site geology and contaminant plume were
quickly defined in three dimensions, providing the design data necessary to install an experimental
in situ funnel-and-gate remediation system.

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