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Subsidencia En Las Cuencas Sedimentarias De Beazley Y Las SalinasNormal access

Authors: Patricia Martínez, Mario E. Gimenez, David Aguilera and Antonio Introcaso
Event name: 7th International Congress of the Brazilian Geophysical Society
Session: Potential Methods
Publication date: 28 October 2001
Organisations: SBGf
Language: Spanish
Info: Extended abstract, PDF ( 221.24Kb )

We analyzed the geologic history of the
Salinas basin and the Beazley basin, by means of
time -depth diagrams that discriminated against the
total subsidence in load and termotectónica
subsidence. The plots were preparated from drilling data.
The total subsidencia was obtained after
doing the decompaction of the different layers, using
geological and mathematical concepts, mainly as a
function of the variation of porosity with depth. The
load subsidence was calculated from the isostatic
crustal Airy model. The thermotectonic subsidence
was obtained from the diference between the total
subsidence and the load subsidence.
In generla we observe, a similarity among
the episodes that are manifested in the curves of the
geohistorys diagrams by the change of slopes. But we
also notice that the behavior of the basin of Beazley
responds to a mechanism of hydrostatic
compensation, while the basin of The Salines, has a
regional component, responding to a compensation
elastic flexural.

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