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3-D Common Plane Wave Section MigrationNormal access

Authors: Reynam Pestana, Paul L. Stoffa and ALex S.B. Melo
Event name: 7th International Congress of the Brazilian Geophysical Society
Session: Seismic Migration & Imaging
Publication date: 28 October 2001
Organisations: SBGf
Language: English
Info: Extended abstract, PDF ( 298.12Kb )

We present a depth migration method that is based on double downward extrapolation of seismic data transformed to the source wavenumber and horizontal ray parameter domain. Initially the data are slant-stacked along the offset direction for each shot and then organized into common ray parameter sections (~po). Each constant ~po section is migrated separately in a manner similar to a post-stack migration procedure, except for an additional term related to the ray parameter. For a constant velocity medium we present a Stolt migration procedure for common ~po sections that can be used to quickly provide depth migrated sections. The prestack depth migration of ray parameter sections was tested on 3-D synthetic data and obtained reasonable results even for a strong lateral contrast velocity model like the SEG/EAEG salt model. The method leads naturally to implementations on parallel computers and is computationally efficient making it viable for a velocity analysis tool in many areas.

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