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Efficient Kirchhoff Migration In The Presence Of Strong AnisotropyNormal access

Authors: G. Garabito, J.C. Costa, J.C. Cruz and M.S.B. Araújo
Event name: 7th International Congress of the Brazilian Geophysical Society
Session: Seismic Migration & Imaging
Publication date: 28 October 2001
Organisations: SBGf
Language: English
Info: Extended abstract, PDF ( 1.25Mb )

A Fast marching eikonal solver for the exact dispersion
relation in anisotropic media allowed us to implement
efficiently Kirchhoff migration in the presence
of strong anisotropy in 2-D. There is no restriction
relative to the symmetry class except that we
assume the propagation in a plane of symmetry. The
principal axis of anisotropy can have arbitrary orientation
relative to the coordinate system. The algorithm
is applied to zero-offset synthetic data generated
with elastic anisotropic finite difference code.
The effect of anisotropy on the migrated section is
evaluated by migrating the same data set with an
elliptical anisotropic model and an isotropic model.

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