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Fluvial-Deltaic Architecture of the Orange River Delta, Examples from the Block 2A, AK 3D Seismic SurveyGold Open Access

Authors: J.B. Aldrich and T.B. Berge
Event name: 6th SAGA Biennial Conference and Exhibition
Session: Case Studies 3
Publication date: 28 September 1999
Organisations: SAGA
Language: English
Info: Abstract, PDF ( 85.1Kb )

Africa has three aerially extensive, thick, deltaic systems on it’s West coast. Of these the
Congo and Niger Deltas have major commercial hydrocarbon resources. The Orange
River delta is less-explored but has already had gas and oil discoveries that indicate it’s
potential. These discoveries indicate that at least 3 hydrocarbon systems exist in the
area; in graben deposits of the early rift succession. e.g. AJ-1 well (oil), Kudu-type late
rift (gas) and in the Albian-Aptian drift succession (gas). The deepwater portion of the
delta has yet to be drilled so its potential is yet to be assessed.

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