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The 21st Century's Strategic Reserve of Gas Industry Development are Russian Far-Eastern and Siberian Arctic RegionNormal access

Authors: V.V. Rybalcenko, V.S. Parasyna, V.S. Kovalenko and V.A. Skorobogatov
Event name: 2nd EAGE St Petersburg International Conference and Exhibition on Geosciences
Session: Economic and Regional Geological Perspectives
Publication date: 16 October 2006
Organisations: SEG, EAGE
Language: Russian
Info: Extended abstract, PDF ( 467.25Kb )
Price: € 20

There is given analysis of modern condition of geological and resource exploration of sedimentary oil-gas-bearing basins of Russia as a whole and its eastern regions and also problems in sphere of further exploring of Russian Far-Eastern and northern Siberian regions. There is conducted qualitative assessment of gas-& oil-bearing capacity’s prospectives of Yamal, Gydan, Cara sea, the Yenisei-Khatanga deflection and Russian Arctic eastern seas.There are given the authors’ assessments of potential resources of Arctic regions. There is made conclusion on decreasing of gas-bearing prospectives in eastern direction. There are given results of risk-analysis of conducting of quest-prospecting works at West-Siberian megabasin’s north. There are made conclusions that exploring and exploitation of Russian Far-Eastern and Siberian northern and Arctic regions will be gas industry development’s strategy basis in the 21st century.

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