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Forecast of the Mineral-Raw Prospective Areas, That Is According to Results of Integrated Processing and InterpretationNormal access

Authors: S.A. Kaplan, E.N. Cheremisina, A.S. Kireev, V.I. Galuev and S.S. Malinina
Event name: 2nd EAGE St Petersburg International Conference and Exhibition on Geosciences
Session: Deep Regional Geological Studies
Publication date: 16 October 2006
Organisations: SEG, EAGE
Language: Russian
Info: Extended abstract, PDF ( 999.53Kb )
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This paper presents the methodology of integrated processing and interpretation of research data on control geophysical profiles. The general scheme of integrated analysis of geological information is adduced. Methods of constructing environment models based on data from separated geophysical methods are represented, methodology of getting block-layered locally-homogeneous model of Earth’s crust is proposed. Results of forecast of favorable zones for formation of mineral deposits and conditions on Eastern Siberia and Far East profiles are represented

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