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Separation of Regional and Residual Gravity by Means of Geostatistical Spatial FilteringNormal access

Authors: H. Rim, Y. Park, M. Lim, S. Koo, Y. Lee and B. Kwon
Event name: 2nd EAGE St Petersburg International Conference and Exhibition on Geosciences
Session: Gravimetry & Magnetics
Publication date: 16 October 2006
Organisations: SEG, EAGE
Language: English
Info: Extended abstract, PDF ( 665.14Kb )
Price: € 20

we propose a spatial filtering scheme using factorial kriging, a kind of geostatistical technique in order to separate regional and residual gravity anomaly. Spatial filtering assumes that regional anomalies have longer distance relation and residual anomalies have an effect on a smaller range. Gravity anomaly was decomposed into two variogram models depending on each influence range. And best-fitted variogram models could produce the separated regional-residual anomalies by means of factorial kriging. This algorithm was examined with synthetic gravity data, and applied to real microgravity data for figuring out the abandoned mineshaft as well.

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