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Criteria of Prediction of Fractured Reservoirs in Phanerozoic Sediments of Western SiberiaNormal access

Authors: Z.J. Serdjuk, L.D. Slepokurova, S.N. Smolin and G.M. Mitrofanov
Event name: 2nd EAGE St Petersburg International Conference and Exhibition on Geosciences
Session: Fractured Reservoirs
Publication date: 16 October 2006
Organisations: SEG, EAGE
Language: Russian
Info: Extended abstract, PDF ( 1.6Mb )
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In theses criteria of prediction of the pore-fractured and cavern-fractured reservoirs in Jurassic sediments and Paleozoic terrigenous-siliceous-carbonate rocks are resulted. The main criteria from them are anomalies: seismic with application of Proni filtering method, mineralogical and petrographic, petrophysical and hydrochemical ones, spatially connected with tectonically brecciated, loosened and postsedimentationally changed rocks. First of them is reliably traced on seismic profiles on chaotic figure of record of a wave field. Two subsequent - on character of postsedimentationally transformed aluminosilicate minerals, fragments of rocks in sediments under influence of deep CO2 and carbonic acid gas-liquid fluids migrating along zones of tectonic faults and cracks.
The hydrochemical anomaly is caused by the same factors, as mineralogical and petrographic one; it influences the salt composition of underground waters. All components of the salt composition, subjected to inversional changes, concern to carbonate system (Ca2 +; HCO3-; CO2).
All kinds of anomalies spatially and stratigraphically coincide, that allows to use them as reliable criterion of prediction of the pore-fractured and cavern-fractured reservoirs in Phanerozoic sediments.

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