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Multi-Azimuth, Coil Shooting And Dual Sensor Streamer Acquisition: Step Change Seismic Imaging Results In Deep Water IndonesiaNormal access

Authors: M. Buia, E. Tozzi, A. Ravasio and P. Brown
Event name: IPTC 2012:International Petroleum Technology Conference
Session: Technology and Operational Excellence: Keys to Sustainable Global Energy
Publication date: 07 February 2012
Organisations: EAGE
Language: English
Info: Extended abstract, PDF ( 724.1Kb )
Price: € 20

While wide-azimuth seismic surveys represent a routine in land environments, in marine environments things go differently.
Conventional offshore 3D acquisition is still being performed mainly using narrow azimuth streamer configurations, even in
structurally complex areas. Attempts at breaking this paradigm have been recently made by the industry with good results,
through the acquisition of some unconventional “Multi Azimuth” (MAZ), “Wide Azimuth” (WAZ), “Rich Azimuth” (RAZ)
and Coil Shooting marine surveys. Here we are presenting planning, acquisition and processing results of the advanced marine
surveys, a Multi-Azimuth and a Coil shooting (Full azimuth), recently acquired by Eni e&p in Indonesia. We are also
presenting a 2D test and successive 3D acquisition of a broad bandwidth (dual sensor) seismic in West Timor area, aimed at
exploiting sub thrust geology. At the end we demonstrate that advanced acquisition techniques effectively provide improved
geophysical images and more geological insight for exploration compared to traditional techniques.

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