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Tectonic Evolution of the Rift Basins in the Northeastern Brazilian RegionNormal access

Authors: W.U. Mohriak, M. Bassetto and I.S. Vieira
Event name: 5th International Congress of the Brazilian Geophysical Society
Session: Geology and Geophysics of Continental Margins
Publication date: 07 November 1997
Organisations: SBGf
Language: English
Info: Extended abstract, PDF ( 2.16Mb )

This work discusses the tectonic evolution of the Tucano and Sergipe rift basins onshore and offshore the northeastern Brazilian region, based on integration of deep seismic reflection profiling, potential methods, geological data, and tectonic analysis. We address the following themes: a) the geologic evolution of the rifts; b) the potential methods response to the deep structure of the rifts; c) the seismic expression of major tectonic features; and e) a possible geodynamic model for the evolution of the rift system.

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