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Variation Of The Sf. Gheorghe River Effluent Plume Using Remote Sensing, Danube Delta - Black Sea Normal access

Authors: C. Olariu, G. V. Ungureanu and A. Stanica
Event name: 4th Congress of the Balkan Geophysical Society
Session: Remote Sensing and Satellite Imagery
Publication date: 09 October 2005
Organisations: SRG, SEG, BGS, EAGE
Language: English
Info: Extended abstract, PDF ( 302.34Kb )
Price: € 20

P9 - 01 REMOTE SENSING & SATELLITE IMAGERY VARIATION OF THE SF. GHEORGHE RIVER EFFLUENT PLUME USING REMOTE SENSING DANUBE DELTA - BLACK SEA Cornel Olariu 1 Gheorghe V. Ungureanu 2 Adrian Stanica 3 1 The University of Texas at Dallas Geosciences Department Texas USA 2 The University of Bucharest Faculty of Geology and Geophysics Bucharest Romania 3 National Institute for Marine Geology and Geoecology - GeoEcoMar Bucharest Romania Summary This study presents the variation of the Danube River plume from the Sf. Gheorghe distributary into the Black Sea over a year period using remote sensing methodology. The turbid river

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