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Reprocessing and interpretation of seismic reflection data at Messara Basin, Crete, GreeceGold Open Access

Authors: A. Vafidis, N. Andronikidis, N. Economou, G. Panagopoulos, A. Zelilidis and E. Manoutsoglou
Journal name: Journal of the Balkan Geophysical Society
Issue: Vol 15, No 2, December 2012 pp. 31 - 40
Language: English
Info: Article, PDF ( 1.24Mb )

Messara sedimentary basin located at Central Crete, Greece is covered by Quaternary and Neogene formations. Seismic reflection data along a 30 km W-E seismic line acquired by the Hellenic Petroleum Company (HPC) at Messara basin is reprocessed. The Kirchoff migrated data were subsequently spectrally balanced using a Ricker wavelet. The reprocessed seismic section provides an improved image of the shallow structures delineating a number of continuous reflectors in the upper Neogene formations. The maximum depth to the top of the preNeogene basement reaches 1000 m along seismic line Z1. Two structures are also imaged, the former consists of several thrust sheets and the latter is regarded as a positive flower structure. These reprocessed seismic data depict for the first time the subsurface structure of an extended area.

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