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Magnetotelluric Image Of Conductivity Distribution At The Passive Continental Margin In The Kaoko Belt In Northern Namibia And The Walvis RidgeGold Open Access

Authors: G. Kapinos, U. Weckmann, O. Ritter and M. Jegen-kulcsar
Event name: 13th SAGA Biennial Conference & Exhibition
Session: Session 3 B – Structure and evolution of the continent
Publication date: 06 October 2013
Organisations: SAGA
Language: English
Info: Abstract, PDF ( 600.5Kb )

Understanding of processes related to the deformation and evolution of the South Atlantic margins and factors controlling the continental rifting and breakup of Gondwana 200 my ago are few objectives of the interdisciplinary SAMPLE project (South Atlantic Margin Processes and Links with onshore Evolution). In frame of this project we conducted an on- offshore magnetotelluric (MT) survey in the Kaoko Belt in Northern Namibia and the Walvis Ridge to image the subsurface electrical conductivity structure of the Southern African passive continental margin. With a conductivity model we aim to study the magmatic and tectonic activity in this area since the early Cretaceous and the influence of pre-existing neoproterozoic structures on the placement of magma and subsequent continental breakup.

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