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The Nuqrah Massive Sulphide Sedex Deposit In Saudi Arabia - A Fugro Tempest PerspectiveNormal access

Authors: D. Burrows, R. Van Buren and E. Al Saadawi
Event name: 13th SAGA Biennial Conference & Exhibition
Session: Session 7 C – Minerals exploration
Publication date: 06 October 2013
Organisations: SAGA
Language: English
Info: Extended abstract, PDF ( 781.11Kb )

A TEMPEST airborne fixed wing Time Domain Electromagnetic (TDEM) and magnetic survey was flown over the Nuqrah – Mardah project area of central Saudi Arabia for Ma’aden Gold and Base Metals. The Nuqrah massive-sulphide sedex deposit is located within graphite schist and carbonates near the top of the pyroclastic Halaban formation. The survey has identified known mineral occurrences, and located new mineral targets. The north and south zones of the Nuqrah Deposit have been imaged, and further drilling may be indicated at Nuqrah North based on a strike length interpreted from CDI profiles of 1.6 km.

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