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The MULTIPULSE system – high resolution and high power in one TDEM systemNormal access

Authors: T. Chen, P. Miles and G. Hodges
Event name: 6th International AEM Conference & Exhibition
Session: New concepts
Publication date: 10 October 2013
Language: English
Info: Extended abstract, PDF ( 418.37Kb )

An airborne time domain system with higher resolution as well as greater depth of exploration is always in great demand for geological mapping as well as for mineral exploration. The MULTIPULSE™ system transmits a high power half-sine pulse and one or multiple low power square pulse(s). The high power half-sine pulse ensures good depth of penetration and the low power square pulse allows a fast turn off and earlier off-time measurement as well to provide higher frequency information, thus enabling higher resolution. The spectrum of the dual pulse (a half-sine and a square pulse) clearly demonstrates increased power in the higher frequency range (> ~ 2.3 kHz) than that of a single half-sine. A simple 1D synthetic model study reveals also the superiority of the resolving power of a square pulse to that of a half-sine pulse. We field tested the system with a dual pulse configuration and compared the results with previous RESOLVE and HeliGEOTEM data. The results show comparable shallow geological resolution of the dual pulse system and that of the RESOLVE system, confirming the increased bandwidth of the dual pulse system.

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