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Interpretación no convencional, una dinámica específica para estudiar reservorios shale y arenas tight en una misma áreaNormal access

Authors: E. Trinchero and L. Vernengo
Journal name: Geociencias Aplicadas Latinoamericanas
Issue: Vol 1, No 2, October 2014 pp. 21 - 32
DOI: 10.3997/2352-8281.20140003
Language: Spanish
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Different reservoir depths, both conventional and non-conventional, can be found in the same productive area of Argentina. Shale reservoirs of a predominantly carbonated composition, which also make up the bedrock, exist above tight, gas-producing sands. This layout means the area of interest specifically runs from a depth of 2700 mbwh (metres below well head) up to 4600 mbwh. As well as the traditional seismic interpretation, geometric attributes were calculated and simultaneous seismic and trace inversions generated, and with these values geomechanical attributes were obtained. The interrelationship between all of the latter, using comparative graphs and joint displays, results in a better static representation and also gives an estimation of the anisotropy in the non-conventional reservoirs. Microseismics are added as a main tool for finding out the fracture strikes and current stress fields of the producing formation. Finally, a closed and virtuous flow of interpretation and feedback calculation is described which improves the prediction of the location of the sweetspots.

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