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Electromagnetic propagation features of ground-penetrating radars for the exploration of Martian subsurfaceNormal access

Authors: E. Pettinelli, G. Vannaroni, E. Mattei, A. Di Matteo, F. Paolucci, A.R. Pisani, A. Cereti, D. Del Vento, P. Burghignoli, A. Galli, A. De Santis and F. Bella
Journal name: Near Surface Geophysics
Issue: Vol 4, No 1, February 2006 pp. 5 - 11
DOI: 10.3997/1873-0604.2005026
Special topic: Ground-Penetrating Radar
Language: English
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In this work, the effects of magnetic inclusions in a Mars-like soil are considered with reference to the electromagnetic propagation features of ground-penetrating radars (GPRs). Low-frequency and time-domain techniques, using L-C-R meters and TDR instruments, respectively, are implemented in laboratory experimental set-ups in order to evaluate complex permittivity and permeability and wave velocity for different scenarios of a dielectric background medium (silica) with magnetic inclusions (magnetite). Attenuation and maximum detection ranges have also been evaluated by taking into account a realistic GPR environment, which includes the transmitting/receiving antenna performance and the complex structure of the subsurface. The analysis and the interpretation of these results shed new light on the significant influence of magnetic inclusions on the performance of Martian orbiting and rover-driven GPRs.

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