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Integrated Geophysical Approach for Testing Ground SlabsNormal access

Authors: V.V. Kapustin and A.V. Kuvaldin
Journal name: Seismic Technology
Issue: Vol 12, No 1, January 2015 pp. 1 - 7
DOI: 10.3997/2405-7495.2015098
Language: English
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Large in-situ reinforced concrete structures are broadly used in the modern construction practice. The properties of concrete ground slabs are studied with an integrated approach jointly by ultrasonic, sonic, and radar (GPR) testing methods. The approach allows investigating concrete volumes of different sizes in terms of their integrated properties, as well as the state of subgrade at the slab—ground contact. The testing results are interpreted with regard to dispersion (frequency dependence) of velocity and attenuation.

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