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Resolution of Crosswell Traveltime TomographyNormal access

Authors: M.A. Shishkina, I.V. Fokin and S.A. Tikhotskiy
Journal name: Seismic Technology
Issue: Vol 12, No 1, January 2015 pp. 1 - 13
DOI: 10.3997/2405-7495.2015101
Language: English
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The resolution of crosswell seismic traveltime tomography is investigated using synthetic models with different initial velocity patterns and acquisition conditions. Namely, resolution is tested for different positions and intervals of sources and receivers, source wavelet frequencies, and starting velocity models with a single localized velocity anomaly or with periodic (checkerboard) positive and negative anomalies. The testing results can be used to choose the optimal source-receiver configurations for controlled-source crosshole tomography and to estimate the ray-theoretical resolution limit related to the Fresnel zone diameter.

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