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Mapa de anomalías de Bouguer de Venezuela derivado del modelo combinado EIGEN-6C4Normal access

Authors: Fabián Linares, Daniel Arráiz and Nuris Orihuela
Journal name: Geociencias Aplicadas Latinoamericanas
Issue: Vol 3, No 1, March 2016 pp. 1 - 11
DOI: 10.3997/2352-8281.20150006
Language: Spanish
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Price: € 30

EIGEN-6c4 data is validated against ground survey data, allowing the generation of a new Bouguer anomalies map for Venezuela using formulas which take into account the Earth curvature. The improvement of the latest combined global gravity field model EIGEN-6c4 in Venezuela is compared with the 2008 Earth Gravity Model (EGM2008) using statistical analysis. The geological analysis has been focused on the Guiana shield, where the principal discrepancies of magnitude and trend between both models were noticed. The trend of the anomalies on Amazonas and Bolivar states reveals the orientation of the principal structures and provinces which match with geological formations of Guapore shield towards the south. The new improvements calculating this global model and new data from GOCE satellite mission, besides of five years of new ground and marine surveys data available that EGM2008 couldn’t take into account, make this actualized Bouguer anomalies map necessary for geosciences in Venezuela. The improved resolution of 1 km shall allow representing smaller geological bodies and doing approximations more suited to geological settings.

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