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Integration of Geophysical Data for Deep Exploration in the Kylylahti Cu-Mining Area, Eastern FinlandNormal access

Authors: S. Heinonen, A. Kontinen, P. Sorjonen-Ward and S. Aatos
Event name: EAGE/DGG Workshop on Deep Mineral Exploration
Session: Integrated Methods for Mineral Exploration
Publication date: 18 March 2016
DOI: 10.3997/2214-4609.201600032
Organisations: EAGE
Language: English
Info: Extended abstract, PDF ( 851.77Kb )
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The Kylylahti copper mine is located in the Outokumpu Cu-Co-Zn-Ni ore district in eastern Finland. We used high resolution reflection seismic profiles imaging the subsurface structures down to depth of 5 km and ZTEM (Z-axis Tipper Electromagnetic) inversion results revealing deep conductivity anomalies to study the deep exploration potential of the Kylylahti area. Regional interpretation of these deep penetrating data suggest that peridotite body of Kylylahti has substantial down plunge extend towards south and underneath the current mine. Additionally to regional interpretation, we have interpolated the densities measured in laboratory from drill-core samples to create a 3D-subsurface density distribution grid and compared it with the seismic reflection data. Overall correlation of reflectivity and density patterns is excellent: high density values correlate particularly well with high amplitude reflections while no prominent reflectivity is observed in the areas where density is uniformly low. The combination of reflectivity and interpolated density distribution suggest that the high density rock units possibly hosting the sulfide ore occur in a steeply dipping feature continuing northwest from the Kylylahti mine along the seismic profile. Results of this study highlight the deep exploration potential of the rock volumes below currently drilled depths in the Kylylahti area.

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