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The use of pseudorandom sweeps for vibroseis acquisitionNormal access

Authors: Timothy Dean, John Tulett and Darvin Lane
Journal name: First Break
Issue: Vol 35, No 1, January 2017 pp. 107 - 112
Language: English
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Price: € 30

The use of pseudorandom sweeps (rather than the more conventional sweeps whose instantaneous frequency changes linearly) has received periodic attention over the past 45 years. In a previous article (Dean, 2014) I summarised the work published in this area including the different motivations for their use as well as different methods for generating a variety of different sweeps. At the time, I attributed their lack of use to the difficulty in transmitting them and their relatively low energy levels when compared with conventional, linear, sweeps. In this article I summarise recent work (i.e. not covered in Dean (2014)) involving pseudorandom sweeps before describing some of our own test results. I then discuss the implications of this recent work on the future of the method.

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