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Offset VSP for the Reservoir MonitoringNormal access

Authors: K. Tertyshnikov, A. Egorov, R. Pevzner and A. Bona
Event name: Fourth EAGE Borehole Geophysics Workshop
Session: Monitoring
Publication date: 19 November 2017
DOI: 10.3997/2214-4609.201702480
Organisations: EAGE
Language: English
Info: Extended abstract, PDF ( 1.11Mb )
Price: € 20

Offset Vertical Seismic Profile is often used for time-lapse seismic monitoring in oil/gas exploration or CO2 geosequestration. Standard offset VSP processing technologies allow the imaging and qualitative interpretation of time-lapse changes in the medium. However, quantification of the observed time-lapse anomalies is often needed. We suggest using Full Waveform Inversion for quantitative interpretation of the offset VSP data. We apply conventional time-lapse processing and time-lapse FWI to the offset VSP dataset acquired in the Otway field and compare the results. We observe a match in the images of the CO2 plume obtained by both methods and suggest that using FWI increases the value of offset VSP data.

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