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3D Regional Velocity Modeling - North SeaGold Open Access

Authors: C. Magneron, H. Doornenbal, I. Van Bever and M. Botz
Event name: First EAGE/PESGB Workshop on Velocities
Session: Regional Velocity Model Update
Publication date: 22 February 2018
DOI: 10.3997/2214-4609.201800011
Organisations: EAGE
Language: English
Info: Abstract, PDF ( 660.32Kb )

Regional velocity models are used mainly for time-to-depth conversion. At regional scales, where few horizons are available, the accuracy and consistency of the velocity models relies on the integration of seismic velocities which bring additional information in terms of lateral and vertical heterogeneities. Such heterogeneities can only be preserved with a fully 3D geostatistical approach. Besides, the use of a structurally driven merge and calibration process leads to consistent 3D regional velocity models. Finally, the combination of advanced geostatistical techniques coupled with geophysical and geological expertise allows to obtain realistic and accurate depth conversion products.

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