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Derisking the Thebe Discovery through cognitive interpretationNormal access

Author: Ryan Michael Williams
Journal name: First Break
Issue: Vol 36, No 3, March 2018 pp. 71 - 78
Language: English
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The Exmouth Plateau, offshore Northwest Australia has been an area for hydrocarbon exploration for several decades, with a number of significant gas and oil fields being discovered. One of these encounters is the Thebe Discovery. With the successful drilling of the Thebe-1 well in 2007, which penetrated a 73 m gas column, further well activity continued. The Thebe-2 appraisal well was drilled roughly 20 km NNE of the original discovery well in 2008 and again encountered a significant gas column, which led to a total field estimate of 2-3Tcf gas in place. The gas accumulation encountered in both of these wells is clearly visible on seismic reflectivity data and can be traced across the crest of a rotated fault block. So, if the hydrocarbon field has been clearly identified and delineated, why is the discovery not in development yet? In this study, the petroleum system of the Thebe Discovery will be investigated using Cognitive Interpretation techniques.

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