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Safer seismic energy source for complex geological imagingNormal access

Authors: David Vidal, Juan Ledezma, Jose Luis Calle, Bladimir Ballesteros and Juan Miranda
Journal name: First Break
Issue: Vol 37, No 1, January 2019 pp. 82 - 84
Language: English
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Seismic data acquisition operations continuously demand new methodologies and safer procedures. One of the riskiest activities in the operation is the handling and charging of seismic shot holes with explosives as an energy source. The development of electronic detonators in the seismic industry has significantly reduced the risk of an accidental detonation. The Oseis initiation system demonstrated excellent performance and provided enough energy for good signal-to-noise-ratio seismic data. Additionally, the full-wave sampling survey design approach effectively attenuated different kinds of noises and obtained a high level of repeatability to reinforce the reflected seismic signal from complex geological imaging targets.

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