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Advice to young petroleum geoscientists and engineersNormal access

Author: Rasoul Sorkhabi
Journal name: First Break
Issue: Vol 37, No 4, April 2019 pp. 91 - 93
Language: English
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Some people do not believe in giving or receiving advice. They say people are different; each person lives and works in a different situation; it is best if we learn the hard way – from or own successes and failures; in other words, life is the best school. Although I see some validity in this thinking, this article obviously is not written for that category of readers. Most, people appreciate the importance of advice because even the statement ‘Your own life is the best school’ is itself a kind of advice. Moreover, progress has been possible only because knowledge and experiences have been handed over from one generation to another. Therefore, while we should not simply imitate others or follow their words blindly, advice and career tips from peers and elders can be helpful for the professional lives of young scientists.

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