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Overhauser Four-Channel 3D Gradiometer and Its Application for Scanning the Underwater Gas PipelineNormal access

Authors: E. Narkhov, A. Shirokov, A. Sergeev, A. Fedorov, D. Milukov, V. Sapunov, A. Denisov, S. Kiselev, V. Savelev, L. Muravyev and A. Ivanenko
Event name: Marine Technologies 2019
Session: УМ3. Морские технологии. Электромагнитные методы исследований
Publication date: 22 April 2019
DOI: 10.3997/2214-4609.201901814
Organisations: EAGE
Language: Russian
Info: Extended abstract, PDF ( 1.4Mb )
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The paper deals with the issues of remote determination of the spatial position of buried pipelines with the help of magnetic survey. This method is economical and does not affect the environment. To achieve the required accuracy of determining the position of the pipelines, it is proposed to use a full gradient multichannel magnetiс system consisting of four Overhauser magnetometers SeaPOS combined with a receiver of a high-precision differential navigation system. Such a configuration of the system makes it possible to accurately determine in space the position of local magnetic anomalies created by pipelines and eliminates the need to take into account the temporal component of the earth’s magnetic field (which isespecially important for the Arctic) by working with spatial field gradients. The problems of the theory of the survey method and technique are considered, algorithms for data processing are proposed and implemented with the aim of solving the problem of high-precision mapping of local magnetic anomalies created by pipelines and solving the inverse magnetiс problem by determining the position and power of the sources of these anomalies.

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