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The geochemistry of oil in Cornish granitesNormal access

Authors: M. Baba, J. Parnell and S. Bowden
Journal name: Petroleum Geoscience
Issue: Vol 25, No 3, August 2019 pp. 298 - 305
DOI: doi.org/10.1144/petgeo2018-053
Organisations: Geological Society of London
Language: English
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Oil residues in Variscan granites in Cornwall, SW England, preserve biomarker data which indicate an origin from marine source rocks. The biomarkers also indicate a thermal maturity that excludes an origin from the Devono-Carboniferous rocks intruded by the granites, but is similar to that of Jurassic-sourced oil to the east in the Wessex Basin. A suite of five different samples from the South Crofty tin mine are variably biodegraded, implying alteration after emplacement of oil in the granite. These characteristics are

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